The Cruise ship by A Royal Caribbean named the Quantum of the Seas that was on the sea with a package of “Cruise to Nowhere” has returned back a day earlier than scheduled due to passenger tested Positive of Covid-19.

As per the Singaporean daily newspaper The Straits Times, The cruise was carrying 1,680 guests and 1,448 crew members on board.

The cruise started from Singapore port and ends at the same port. A passenger aboard has tested positive for Covid-19, which led to the decision to force around 2,000 guests to be quarantined in the ship cabins.

The Package of “cruise to Nowhere” has exclusively been operated to the Singaporean residents as an attempt to resuscitate the hard-hit cruise industry. The Cruise has been sailing with the package since October 2020 with no stops and just sail in waters.

Being the 1st case in the month of February, on the coast of Japan, 700 passengers had been stuck for a week onboard the Diamond Princess Cruiseline along with the crews due to a bad hit of COVID-19 Virus. Also, the 2nd case with Diamond princess cruise in the USA was hit by COVID-19 in the month of March 2020 that was carrying 3500 passengers onboard from 54 different nationalities.

As the video shared on social media, the Captain of the Cruise announced in tannoy, “A guest was feeling unwell and tested positive for Covid-19…We are asking all guests to remain in their staterooms to prevent the spread of illness,” Further adding, “We kindly ask all guests with urgent medical or health situations like diabetes, heart disease, etc to contact guest services,” he said, adding that the ship had returned to Singapore a day before the end of its planned four-day sailing.

Royal Caribbean said in their statement that soon they found one passenger with COVID-19 positive, they had turned the ship back to dock and all guests and crew have been tested negative for the virus. As per the Cruise company, the passengers would be allowed to disembark “after a review of contact tracing is completed

As per the health protocol, soon the medical team founded the Covid-19 Positive passenger, they urgently response to emergency plans as per the guidelines and immediately isolate all close contacts, contact tracing and deep-cleaning of the ship

Singapore has recorded just 58,000 cases and 29 deaths with a very less number of local infections in recent weeks. Due to this, Singapore had signed a free travel bubble program with Hong Kong last month.

As part of the precautionary measure implemented by the Government, The cruise has been resumed with proper safety measures. That includes pre-departure Covid-19 test, carrying an electronic contact tracing device, and maintain proper social distancing at all times.

Royal Caribbean has confirmed that the next sailing of the cruise will be as per the schedule and will depart on Thursday 10 Dec 2020.

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