With the gradual lifting in the border restrictions, with the low covid-19 cases, Bohol is now accepting leisure tourism. The Philippine province of Bohol has announced that anyone can visit Bohol starting from the 15th of December.

However, travelers must adhere to the mandatory requirements that the province has issued. Under the rules, anyone who wants to visit must register their detail on the website of Bohol tourism before their travel. The confirmation will be sent to the email once the registration is completed.

The travelers must arrange hotel/accommodation booking through UBE Certified or DOT-certified accommodation establishments via the website of Bohol Tourism. The passenger must carry the PCR Negative test report done not earlier than 72 hours prior date of departure.

Once the passenger arrives, any trips out of the hotel accommodation have to be pre-arranged only through DOT accredited Travel and tour operators. The travelers are not allowed to de route during their transfer from the airport to the hotel. Any travelers traveling for a minimum of 5 days don’t require quarantine. However, if anyone stays more than 6 days must undergo an RT-PCR test on the 5th day of arrival.

The violation shall be penalized under existing applicable laws and ordinances.

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