Buying Travel Insurance is not Mandatory as like purchasing travel Tickets and Accommodations which are the important elements for every travel plan, Travel insurance is also one of the most needed elements for a travel plan, which safeguards all your travel and help you from getting the financial loss. Travel Insurance not only covers you during your journey but also it helps you protect it starting from the Travel Planning in your home town until you return to your home town after your lovely vacation.


Travel insurance is a cover that protects you when you travel from your home country to another foreign country. Travel Insurance helps you transfer the cost of a potential loss that occurs during the travel to the insurance company in exchange for the insurance premium fees you paid. Depends on the budget, travelers can purchase different insurance packages.


What Does Insurance Cover?

Depends on the premium you paid for the insurance, the coverage of the insurance vary with different insurance companies. Below is the coverage you can make.


  1. 1. Primary Medical Expenses Coverage during your travel along with the Ambulance Charges and any Pre Existing Condition Exclusion Waiver.
2. Coverage of the Trip Cancellation due to a condition like health problem, job loss, pandemic, etc

3. Trip delay losses

4. Baggage Loss or Baggage Damages during travel

5. Baggage Delay
Loss due to Flight Cancellations or Flight Delay or Missing the Flights or Denied Boarding. You can buy a Separate service that helps get compensation for flight delays or cancellations efficiently and quickly, CLICK HERE

7. Coverage for the loss of the Passports or other documents, Loss of the Money Bags

8. Coverage of loss due to the Terrorist attack or any natural disasters

9. Legal Assistant in case of redress

10. Also, the special coverage is done for the Adventure Sports, where the insurance covered for any medical assistant due occur during Sports or cancellation of the sports pre-booked due to the weather condition or similar.

11. Repatriation of Mortal Remains premature return (death of close relatives)

Cost of Insurance:

The cost of the insurance varies on the below conditions.

1. Different Types of Premiums you purchase.

2. The geographical region coverage of the insurance

3. Number of days for the insurance coverage

4. Special Coverage, like Water Sports, Adventure Sports, Mountaineering, Trekking, and Hiking. 

5. The Minimum overage starts from 5 – 7 USD for a minimum of 4-5 days basic coverage and above.

TOP 5 Insurance Companies:

Many insurance companies provide different travel insurance coverage to the client. It is mandatory to get the Travel insurance to get the Entry permit for all the Schengen States and most other countries. Below is a list of the insurance company.

1. AIG Travel Guard

2. Tune Protect

3. AXA Insurance

4. Allianzcare

5. Pacific Prime

Besides, some private Banks provide Travel insurance as extra services for their clients depends on the types of accounts that are held in the Bank)


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