Renting a car during the holidays or on an official trip is a convenient way to travel around different places. Many travelers preferred to get rent a car due to the convenience of flexibility with their time table. However, renting a car as it looks like is not a simple thing. You must consider and have good knowledge of some technical facts. Below are the 10 best tips to consider while renting a car.


  1. Get the knowledge of the Traffic rules


Driving on the international border means you have to comply with the traffic rules of the International borders. Before booking the Rental Car to drive on International Road you must know the international traffic rules and regulations.

There are different traffic rules in different countries. Such as left-hand driving/right-hand driving, traffic signals, road structures, and so on. As in Asian countries, there are generally right-hand driving whereas in the Middle East, Europe there are Left-hand driving.

Anyone with right-side driving will have a problem with left hand driving for the very 1st time. Similarly, there will be difficulties with the types of traffic signals, narrow road rules, and regulations, mountain driving, etc. Hence, before booking the car rental always remember to look at the traffic rules to avoid the miss happening on the roads that may cause you heavy financial losses.

  1. Pre-Booking online and Purchase conditions


Renting a car is always a positive plan for travelers who wants to make a long drive or who wants to make comfort their journey. Renting a car on spot generally doesn’t guarantee the availability of your choice of car and also expensive than buying it online. Ensure to compare the rates with different rental companies to avoid paying higher charges for similar vehicles provided by different companies. Renting a car in the Airport location generally is very expensive.

Even the availability of the preferred types of car at the airport counter or in rent a car company doesn’t guarantee getting your options. So always prefer to pre-book the car online before visiting the destination. The pre-booking of rent a car online is even cheaper than what you are paying on site. You will get multiple offers like pre-paid rental charges or post-paid rental charges, or buy 2 take 3 days car hire, etc.

Always remember also to read full terms and conditions that mentioned the rental policies to avoid the cancellation, no-show, or amendments fees.

  1. Credit Card payment and deposit


Always remember, that while hiring a car rental, you must hold the International Valid Credit Card is available with you. Since almost all of the car rental company doesn’t accept the Debit card or Cash for any car hire either its standard car or a luxury car.

While hiring Premium Car, make sure to read the terms and conditions of requirements of multiple credit cards issued by different banks for security reasons. Avoiding the policy may incur disappointment on the refusal of delivery of the car by car rental company and charge you for the non-pickup of the vehicles.

Always learn the amount of deposit is sufficient to hold in the credit card, as rental car deposits for the luxury car is sometimes double than the booking amounts. The Deposit amount is generally refunded to your card in a maximum of 15-30 days once the car is returned to the service provider.

  1. Car Rental Insurance


Insurance of the car is a very important factor while renting a car. Basic Insurance is always covered in rental contracts. However, during the pickup, the company may offer you all kinds of insurance to purchase.

However, your personal auto insurance is one you need in the event of an accident with a rental car. Hence always check properly before paying extra on the counter. Note that any insurance premium you paid for the coverage is totally nonrefundable.

Always read the proper terms and conditions of the insurance covered before signing the contract. The premium coverage for the full insurance cost you around 15-25% of your booking amount.

  1. Pick up/Drop Off & Vehicle Inspection


Always ensure to mention the exact pickup and drop off timing while making the booking with your proper flight details. In delay picking up the vehicle may result in the cancellation of the reservations as a show during the peak season. Proper flight detail should be mentioned so the Rental company can know the delay in the arrival of the flights.

Also delaying the drop off of the vehicle may surcharge you with the extra day charges. There may be a grace period of 1 to 2 hours maximum for the return back of the vehicle. However, in case of delay in delivery more than the given hours, the rental company has the right to charge you with the extra day fees.

Very importantly, while picking up the car and delivering the car always ensure to make proper vehicle inspections of any small denting, painting, scratch, vehicle conditions, spare parts, exterior, and interior conditions.

Make sure to check and inform the rental company before you hire a car. Avoiding the inspection properly may cause you to be charged the repair fees by the car rental company. Ensure while the vehicle is in your hand during the period to have safe driving and aware not to be dented by any reason.

  1. Car Rental Contract and Documents


While renting a car, most importantly always ensure to get the proper rental contract duly signed and stamped by the Car Rental company and keep it safe until you won’t get refunded of your deposit to your bank. Ensure to check the contract, rates, and car type you had booked. Make sure the dates and time of the pickup and drop off are accurate.

The car rental company has the right to deduct the amount from your credit card even after you return the vehicle. Since the traffic violation fines or extra damages are seen during the return of vehicles will be charged by the Car rental company. Hence you should ensure to properly read the contracts and claim with the rental company in case of any improper post charges.

If you are driving the vehicle out to International Border, you need to pre-inform the rental Company (Eg, Driving from Germany to Switzerland). As the proper vehicle documents needed to be attached for any Traffic Checkpoint or Immigrations.

  1. Extra Driver and Equipment’s


Renting car fares are even depending on the age and number of drivers driving the rented vehicle. A single person driving the vehicle and multiple persons driving the same vehicle will increase the cost.

Also, the driver’s age varies the fares of the rental. Young drivers renting a car with age start from a minimum of 20 or 21 years old. However, they are likely to pay additional fees if they are below 25 years of age. Hence avoid the extra driver, if you are driving along. Ensure they won’t get behind the wheel.

Driving internationally will need the GPS if traveling with Kids below 12 needs a compulsory child seat or infant seat. Any extra equipment to rent from a car rental company will charge with extra cost. Getting your own equipment will reduce your cost than renting on spot from the rental companies.

  1. Car Rental Contacts


Ensure while renting the car to get the Car Rental Contacts to detail for any emergency issue. Most of the rental companies have their emergency to free numbers worldwide to assist you in any emergency case. Make sure to learn about the assistants they provide during renting the car.

Different companies have their own policies to contact them in any cases like Roadside assistants, vehicle accidents, breakdowns, etc.

  1. Fuel Policy


Most of the Rental companies provide a full-full policy for the Fuel in the vehicles. Hence, while delivering the car, ensure to return back to them in full fuel. Else, the car rental company will be charging the fuel cost along with the service charges.

  1. Mileage Policy


While renting a car ensure to check the terms and conditions on the mileage policy. Especially during hiring a luxury car that restricts the maximum mileage.  Ensure to check the mileage policy to avoid extra mileage charges. That makes you drag down your plan to travel more.

Always try choosing the rental options with no restrictions that let you travel without hassles.

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