This is okay! It’s a vacation, an overseas trip! Is your travel plan okay?

Whether you are new to overseas travel or are already accustomed to it, it is difficult to plan your trip and prepare for your departure. I’m wondering if I’ve forgotten something. For example, in some countries there are no convenience stores, in some country’s shops are not open very often on Saturdays and Sundays, in some countries WIFI is fast or slow, and the temperature difference between day and night is unexpectedly large.

I tried to summarize the items to be checked in the number of days that seem to be in time. Let’s count down.

Arrange your ticket! Confirmation of transportation! Accommodation reservation!

Air tickets, transportation, hotels

<Airline ticket>

If you are in the high season such as the year-end and New Year holidays and summer vacation, you should book your ticket earlier. Even if you’re traveling alone in the off-season, you’ll want to buy it 30 days in advance. If this is not decided, nothing will be decided on the contents of the trip! That’s right.

Consider whether to use LLC, whether it is a cheap but via flight, or a mileage award trip and arrange the one that suits you.

<Measure of transportation>

Check the means of transportation at your destination as soon as possible. If you go to an urban area in a developed country, you can easily use the subway or bus like in a big city in Japan, but in some countries, the railway network to the rural areas is not well developed or you have to use a long-distance bus. There are various things, such as having to travel or taking too long to travel if you do not fly around domestic flights.

For example, in Mongolia, it is difficult to travel by train or bus, so it is convenient to arrange a car and driver, and in New Zealand, it is convenient to take a convenient domestic flight instead of a train.

It is also easy to rent a car in North America, which is said to be a car society. The UK, Australia, and New Zealand have the same left handle as Japan, so you can rest assured.

<Hotel reservation>

If you decide the same means as the airline ticket and reserve the accommodation, the skeleton of the trip will be completed. You can easily find an inn that suits you by using the internet service for accommodation reservations and the private lodging service.

 I will finish the procedure system! Check the climate.

Passport and visa

Even if your passport is valid for the planned travel period, the “remaining passport period” can be an issue when you arrive at your destination and enter or leave the country. It depends on the country, but if it is the shortest, it is OK until the time of return, and in many countries, it is 30 days or more, 6 months or more, so confirmation is required. Check for the latest information as it varies from country to country.

In addition, it takes 6 to 8 business days from the application of the passport to the entry into force, so please check early.

Check if you need a visa to travel. In many countries, if the travel period is 90 days, it is not necessary within 3 months, and if it is within 6 months, it is unnecessary,

Check the local climate

Check the weather while traveling to see what your clothes are. When you go to a country of everlasting summer in the middle of winter in Japan, it may take a lot of time and effort unexpectedly because you don’t have enough summer clothes or you don’t sell summer hats anymore.

Also, if the sun is strong, sunscreens, and if it dries, moisturizing lotion and other cosmetics are also suitable for the area.

Check what to bring! What about mobile WIFI?

Voltage and plug transducer

This is basic but check the destination voltage. Most smartphones, PCs, etc. are OK even if the voltage is different, if it is within a certain range, you do not have to worry about it. However, the plug converter is the same as Japan in a few countries such as the United States, but it is necessary in most countries, so prepare it in advance.

Whether to use WIFI or Sim card

Smartphones are an essential item for traveling. I want to be connected to the internet at any time. After arriving at the site, you can search for shops, check timetables, and post live posts on SNS.

There is much portable WIFI that can be used overseas, so check the plan that suits you. Also, in some countries, SIM cards are very affordable, so you may want to buy a SIM card locally.

What do you do with your money?

Decide what to do with the local currency

Decide what to do with the local currency. There are currencies that can be exchanged at Japanese airports, such as US dollars, euros, Chinese yuan, and Taiwan dollars, so check first. If that is not possible, check at the local airport to see if you can convert from Japanese Yen / Dollar / Euro to your local currency, and then exchange it upon arrival.

Also, if you have a cash card that can be used overseas, you can withdraw local currency locally from your savings account. Also, in countries like Northern Europe where cash is not accepted and only credit card payments are the mainstream, cash is not required.

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