Traveling while in the UK has multiple options for cities to visit. To choose between traveling cities need the proper information on things to see in the United Kingdom. Below are the details you can consider while traveling to the UK.


When you arrive at London’s Heathrow Airport, head straight for a city tour. Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, London Tower, British Museum, Harrods, a long-established department store, and many other attractions, so it would be encouraging to have a guide who is familiar with the city.

Tower Bridge, London, United Kingdom

Therefore, let’s appoint a double-decker bus as a sightseeing companion.

A double-decker that runs through the city buys and rides an Oyster card to be charged and used. You can use it on the subway, so there is no loss in buying it.

Finding a nice cafe from the train window, afternoon tea is the best. When you get off, let’s inform the driver with a button.

You can also find a double-decker full-day tour.

Leeds Castle

About an hour from London, Kent is said to be the garden of England. Leeds Castle in this area is a famous castle that historians once described as “the most adorable in the world”. This castle, which has carved 900 years of history in a landscape full of Englishness, has various fun such as mazes and falconry in the vast garden, gondola tours around the moat, restaurants, and accommodations that make the most of the site. Is waiting for you.

Things to do in UK-Leeds Castle, Maidstone, United Kingdom

[/media-credit] Leeds Castle, Maidstone, United Kingdom

Many women are involved in the successive owners of this castle. There are six queens on the list, which is why they are sometimes called “queens in the castle”. The love for the birds poured by the last castle owner, Mrs. Bailey, can be seen in the appearance of the castle’s symbol, the Black Swan.

Seven Sisters

A white cliff with a magnificent view formed by carving out the hills. Named for its appearance as a veiled sister, Seven Sisters enjoys a trekking course called Footpath on the cliffs and below the cliffs in a perfect environment with protected nature.

Things to do in UK-Seven Sisters

[/media-credit] Seven Sisters, Eastbourne, UK

It’s so beautiful that you can’t miss it even at dusk, so it’s recommended that you visit the shooting point on the opposite bank as well.

The cross-section of the cliff looks pure white because it is made of lime, which is also the raw material for chalk. Fragile soil is easily scraped by rain, always exposing new sections. Some people lean out from the footpath on the cliff to take a selfie, but it’s more fragile than I expected, so I don’t recommend it.

Archaeological sites related to Stonehenge and Avebury

Avebury, United Kingdom

[/media-credit] Avebury, United Kingdom

What is this structure, which has grown over thousands of years, still for? No clear answer has been found. It is strange that such a huge thing was made such a long time ago, but the visitor center introduces in detail the hardships and mysteries that the ancients may have experienced.

Dorset and East Devon Coast

The more than 150 kilometers of coastline south of London, also known as the “Jurassic Coast,” is a World Heritage Site for its archaeological value. Contrary to its name, fossils from the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods have been excavated, and fossils such as ammonite can be easily found by anyone, so excavation tours are also conducted.

S W Coast Path, Wareham BH20 5PU, UK, Dorset, United Kingdom

[/media-credit] UK, Dorset,

The Durdle Door, which looks like a Plesiosauria plunging into the sea, will be a perfect subject for SNS.

This area is also one of the UK’s leading marine resort areas and is an area where art activities are active. There are many spots related to the mystery queen Agatha Christie, so if you like novels, this is a good choice for your stay.

City of Bath

As the etymology of the City of Bath suggests, the berth, which can be said to be the original health land, where Romans once enjoyed hot springs here. The sauna, water bath, and Edokko’s amazing facilities remain in various parts of the city and are later registered as a World Heritage Site by the resort culture refined by British aristocrats.

City of Bath UK

[/media-credit] City of Bath

The biggest highlight is the Roman Baths, where the courtyard is a hot spring as it is, but although the source continues to boil, the number of facilities where you can take a bath is decreasing. Even so, drinking hot spring water is still practiced, and it will be a highlight of sightseeing along with the glittering decorations that colored the hot spring resort. Let’s also visit Royal Crescent, an apartment house with a characteristic curvaceous beauty.

Lake district

Even in England, where the terrain is gentle, the Lake District is famous for its rugged terrain and nature. The rugged mountains and the abundant lake with open visibility have long captured the hearts of residents and have been a great inspiration, especially in terms of literature.

Things to do in Uk, Lake District

[/media-credit] Lake District, UK

Check out the footsteps of one of them, the poet Wordsworth, in the museum built in Grasmere.

Beatrix Potter, who loved the hares in this region, was also fascinated by the nature of the Lake District. The story of the masterpiece Peter Rabbit is influenced by her childhood experience, and at the home of Near Sawyer, where her creative activities were based, her life remains. Why don’t you visit 2017 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Potter’s birth?

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