The most creative in the world. It is no exaggeration to say that Barcelona is the most royal city in Spain. Even if you don’t like traveling, you know that there is Sagrada Familia, and it’s the city that Picasso was based in Situs Judi Slot Terbaik dan Terpercaya No 1.

It’s a city that attracts the world.

We have visited most tourist attractions such as the Basque Country in the north and Granada in the south, as well as Barcelona and Madrid in Spain, so chose it considering other Spanish cities as well.

① Touch Gaudi architecture

I’ve been to more than 35 cities in 20 European countries, and Barcelona is the most creative city. I thought while walking in the city of Barcelona. That’s what it is. Gaudi architecture is hidden in the town, there are chairs designed by Gaudi, and tiles on the floor. It is scattered all over the city.

PARK GÜELL, Barcelona, Spain

[/media-credit] PARK GÜELL, Barcelona, Spain

Gaudi’s architecture, which hates straight lines and prefers art with curved lines. All of them can only be seen in Barcelona.

② Walk along the sea

Rome, Paris, London, Berlin, rivers, but no sea!!! Isn’t it about Barcelona in a big city in Europe facing the sea?

The seaside district of Barcelona seems to be called Barceloneta. Take a walk without thinking about anything here. What a great thing!



[/media-credit] Barcelona

It’s in the south of Europe, so it’s warm even in winter, and I think it’s best to go in summer. I also walked along the sea.

The seafood you eat by the sea is also the best. Please note that you cannot enter popular restaurants unless you make a reservation!

Of course, the beach.

③ Walk in the old town

Well, I was also guided by the Spanish sync, but it’s only the best. What is best is that there are historic sites. This is it! European ruins! I’m impressed.

The streets of big cities in Europe are beautifully built buildings that are typical of Europe! Brand shops steadily! Isn’t there an image? That’s exactly the case in Paris.

It’s like Passeig de Gracia or Las Ramblas in Barcelona. Once you step into the old town, you can see the old-fashioned cityscape that makes you think, “What!? Another world !?”

There is a cathedral with beautiful stained glass, and there are many delicious bars, so I can’t say that I enjoyed Barcelona without having fun here! A place where you can affirm.

④ See the Palau de la Musica Catalana

This is also a World Heritage Site.

It takes about an hour to enter only on a guided tour, but there are pillars that make you feel like you are in Barcelona.

The decoration is beautiful, so even if you are not interested in music, why not go there?

⑤ Go to Montserrat!

Montserrat. Where Gaudi was inspired by the Sagrada Familia.

It takes about 1 hour one way from Barcelona, but it is highly recommended. It is said to be a power spot, and because it is located in a high place, the view from above is very beautiful.

[media-credit name=”Photo by Steven Lasry on Unsplash” align=”center” width=”300″]Montserrat, Spain[/media-credit]

Whether before or after seeing the Sagrada Familia, I think going to a place where Gaudi was inspired will make your trip to Barcelona even better!

It’s called Mt. Nokogiri, and it’s amazing even if you don’t have that knowledge! It’s a place like that (laughs)

Probably because there are many tourists from Barcelona, there are signs that guide you to the location of the train to Montserrat in the station of Barcelona, so the difficulty is not so high.

⑥ Buy Amatriere chocolate!

Amatriere’s chocolate, which is also in the title, is perfect for you.

After all, this can only be bought in Barcelona! It would be great if you were told that when you got a souvenir. In addition, the packaging is feminine and cute, and it’s not that expensive, so it’s perfect as a souvenir.

A must-see place when you go to Barcelona!

Souvenirs are also recommended, but you can also drink chocolate like this!

⑦ Winter only! Eat Calçots!

Calçot is a dish of grilled green onions in a special dip.

For a limited time, you can’t eat at other times, so don’t forget to eat if you go in winter.

It’s hard to see (laughs), but the green onion is on the far right of the table. At the bottom left is the dip!

How many days do you need to get a good tour of Barcelona?

I wrote Todo List, but “How many days should I secure?”

It was a full two days when I went, but it wasn’t enough (laughs)

So, I wish I had 3 days to go sightseeing in the area. What?

It’s a long week, so we highly recommend traveling with Madrid and Granada!

Feel the most creative Barcelona in the world!

Although it didn’t appear here, Barcelona is the home of Picasso and Salvador Dali.

Not only Gaudi, but also many famous artists who have made a name for themselves in history played an active part, so the city is also very creative.

It’s a really fun city just walking around. (As an aside, I thought I could only live in Europe)

Please do the to-do list written here (laughs) and make a wonderful trip to Barcelona!