With the number of cases going down in the UK, and the festive season is approaching, the Government of the UK has considered cutting the quarantine period to 10 days from 14 days.

Travelers from high-risk country visiting the UK has to mandatory go with quarantine in their accommodations. Also, the government has also reduced the self-isolation period for the person in contact with confirmed Covid-19 patients to 10 days.

The passenger traveling from the UK Corridor listed country being amended do not need to quarantine. Currently, 77 countries are on the UK Corridor List. Current changes on the quarantine have been applied in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

The announcement comes as data shows Covid cases falling in most of England and Northern Ireland. However, data published by National Statistics (ONS) shows the increasing number of cases in London and East England during the 1st week of December.

The joint statement from the chief medical officers said that after a review of the evidence, they were positive on cutting the time period, adding: “We urge everyone to self-isolate when appropriate – it will save lives.”

The chief medical officers further said that people are most infectious in the first two days before developing symptoms and that by day 10, just 1% to 2% are still capable of passing on the virus to others.

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