Rio’s League of Samba Schools (LIESA) has announced that Rio de Janeiro’s historic carnival parade celebration has been canceled for 2021, due to the ongoing threat of COVID-19 pandemic. The festival is celebrated week-long every year in Brazil since 1912 during mid-February.

LIESA President Jorge Castanheira said to LAtimes. “We must await the coming months for [clarity] about if there will be a vaccine or not and when there will be immunization.” The decision to skip Carnival in 2021 is termed a postponement of the celebration, however, no new date has yet been set for the parade “We don’t have the safety conditions to set a date,” Further added by Jorge.

2020’s Carnival celebration, was ended just one day before Brazil confirmed its first COVID-19 case that drew more than 2.1 million visitors, generating four billion reais ($725 million)—tourism income.

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