The Hurtigruten ships, MS Roald Amundsen has been hit by the COVID-19 with the resumption of cruise tourism. MS Roald Amundsen is the first cruise liner in the world to resume operations after they were halted amid the COVID-19 outbreak.  The Hurtigruten ships are a hallmark of the Norwegian coast since 1893

Four crew members of MS Roald Amundsen tested positive after it docked in the port of Tromsø, north of Norway, on Friday. The positively tested crews were admitted to the University Hospital of North Norway. Later all 160 crew members on board were also being tested, and 32 other cases were founded positive.

In a statement, Hurtigruten said there are currently no passengers on board the ship and all 177 guests will be contacted with information from the health authorities, including to self-isolate.

“The safety of our guests and crews is Hurtigruten’s highest priority. We are working closely with the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI), Tromsø municipality, UNN, and other resources both locally and nationally,” said Rune Thomas Ege, Vice President of Global Communications in Hurtigruten.

MS Roald Amundsen was scheduled to sail to Svalbard in the Arctic Ocean on Friday. The company has now confirmed that cruise had been canceled, and the next cruise with the ship will be scheduled to voyage after September

The company said that none of the crew members were showing symptoms for COVID-19 when they arrived in Tromsø and tested as protocol.

Rune Thomas Ege said in a statement, “There was no reason to suspect COVID-19 when the ship docked in Tromsø based on the symptoms the four of the crew had. Fortunately, we received a quick response to the tests, so that both we and the Tromsø municipality were able to implement measures.”

Hurtigruten said that all crew members were closely monitored and screened on a daily basis during the voyage, which set off earlier this month. All the vessels were operating at below 50 percent capacity and a number of other changes such as the removal of buffets were brought in for health and safety reasons