New Delhi: The Delhi High Court on Wednesday observed that a vehicle in a public place and mandated the wearing of a mask even inside a four-wheeler. The court stated, “Mask is a Suraksha kavach against the spread of the virus. ”

The HC observed that even vaccinated persons must wear masks. The statement was made while the HC addressed petitions challenging the imposition of challans on people for not wearing masks while alone in private cars.

The court added, “It also said that right at the outbreak of the pandemic, several experts, doctors, and researchers had emphasized the need to wear masks. It said that masks should be worn even when a person is vaccinated.”

Petitioner demanded Rs 10 lakh for mental harassment 

Petitioners approached the court and stated that during a press conference, the Centre stated that there was no need to wear masks while alone in private cars. One of the petitioners also sought a refund of Rs 500, the amount he paid after he was challenged for not wearing a mask along with Rs 10 lakh as compensation for alleged mental harassment.

The Centre submitted that it did not issue guidelines regarding wearing masks in private cars. The Health Ministry stated that health is a “state subject” and added that authority to decide such guidelines rests with the Delhi government.

The Delhi government argued that in April 2020, a DDMA order was released, necessitating the wearing of masks while driving private cars.

Delhi Health Minister urges people to wear masks 

In view of the COVID-19 resurge, Delhi Health Minister Satendra Jain urged people to wear masks. He added that a night curfew was imposed in the national capital to avoid parties and gatherings.

He assured that no problems would be faced in the issuing of E-passes. He said that 33 hospitals started round-the-clock vaccination and requested the Centre to allow people of all ages to get vaccinated.