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With Simultaneous ease after the halt on tourism for more than a months due to due to Covid-19 lockdown and opening of the International border, Turkey is restarting the tourism season and welcoming the international travellers and providing the Virus Free within a week, the country’s tourism minister said.

The Turkish Ministry of culture and tourism has launched a new campaign “Re-Turkey” and announced the safe tourism certificate programme with the start of the Summer season in an event organized on southern resort city of Antalya. The program was participated by foreign ambassadors and tourism sector representatives

The minister added that 400 hotels in Turkey had received the Safe Visit Certificates so far by implementing all the necessary criteria. Further briefing, the ministry’s plan to reopen the entire industry and open half of the tourism facilities in line with the new program. He added to the announcement that British citizens travelling to Turkey for leisure or business purposes will now be able to travel without a visa for up to 90 days in any 180-day period and this summer will be the 1st summer for British Tourist to visit Turkey without visa requirements.

The certificate validates the execution of high levels of health and hygiene requirements at airline companies, airports (and other transport stations) and accommodation outlets, as well as food and beverage facilities.

The  minister of culture and tourism has said: “Turkey has been a role model for the world during the Covid-19 pandemic, thanks to its well-established health system and treatment methods. The launch of our safe tourism certification programme further demonstrates that Turkey will take a pioneering role in terms of directing the normalisation of tourism. Our new certification programme ensures that tourists can enjoy holidays in Turkey in a safe and hygienic manner and feel comfortable for the duration of their visit.”







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