Boeing’s aircraft being grounded last year with the incident of two flight from a Lion Air flight and an Ethiopian Airlines flight killing 346 people on the flights 737 Max, they redesigned Boeing 737 MAX and begin their test flight on Monday,  to gain its reputation after fatal crashes and grounded their aircraft worldwide. The test flights are expected to run for over several days.

The Flight Test flight has been flown over 3 hours to eastern Washington and landed at King County International Airport piloted by the U.S. FAA and Boeing pilots with a high-speed system test and other exercises.

Investigators blamed faults in the flight control system, which Boeing has been overhauling for months in order to meet new safety demands. Although the test goes well, Boeing still has to go through long way to beings for further safety checks. It could take weeks to analyse data from the test flights. But even if this process is successful, further flying, training of pilots, and clearance from European and Canadian regulators will be needed.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), conducted their safety approval process for new redesigned Boeing Aircraft and evaluate key systems, including a revised version of the flight control software which was implicated in the two accidents.

The original system is believed to have overridden the pilots’ commands and forced both aircraft into catastrophic dives.

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