Thailand Tourism office has announced that Phuket will be open for tourists from the 1st of October with a mandatory two-week quarantine. Earlier Thailand Tourism was announced to be closed until 2021.

The head of the National Tourism Administration of Thailand, Yutasak Supasorn said that the tourists will be required to land in Phuket airport with the minimum stay period of 30 days, where the first 14 days need to be quarantined in the hotel room.

The Tourist has to undergo the PCR test during the quarantine period and need to pass the third test for COVID-19. Depends on the hotel or resort facilities, the tourist will be able to access the open area of ​​the hotel during self-isolation or even access the beach.

However, it is advisable to get the PCR negative test report for COVID-19 upon arrival in Phuket. The tourism office currently has not published any list of the countries that are or are not allowed to enter Phuket.