Manhattan is a trendy city that is always at the forefront of the times, and at the same time, it is dotted with old buildings that retain the remnants of the time when the United States was founded. Such a historic building is still operating normally, for example, as a commercial facility. It’s romantic.

St. Paul’s Chapel – St. Paul’s Chapel.

Built-in 1764, this church is still the oldest building in Manhattan that is still active. George Washington, the first president of the United States, is said to have prayed at the church on the day of his inauguration. In 2016, a festival was held to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the operation of the church. The church is open to the outside and plays a central role not only in church activities for religious people but also in local events, and is also open as a venue for art exhibition events. It is a magnificent tourist spot that attracts 1 million people every year.

Fraunces Tavern – Fraunces Tavern

Built-in 1719 as a private home to Etienne Stephen Delancey, then son-in-law of the Mayor of New York. After that, it was rebuilt into a bar in 1762 and is still there. Although it is a very historic building, it has undergone many large-scale renovations, so it is often talked about separately from other oldest buildings that retain their current appearance. There is a museum inside that shows the situation at that time, so please take a look. It would be nice to have a bar where you can drink many types of draft beer.

Morris-Jumel Mansion

Built-in 1765, this building is also a very valuable private house as a historic building that retains its original appearance. It is nationally designated as a historical building, and the inside of the building is like a museum displaying the state and furnishings of the time. In addition, it is usually operated in an advanced manner, and we are actively doing things such as holding adult events to enjoy wine and chocolate at night, having fun events with free admission, and opening the garden as a yoga plaza. It has become a part of the lives of living people.

Most of the private houses that are preserved in Japan against the background of historical value may have the primary purpose of just having them exist there. I feel that the true value of a building with historical value will come to life only if it is opened more and the events are held.

The Bridge Café 

Since its inception in 1794, this small building with bright red walls has been operating as a variety of restaurants, including cafes, bars, and restaurants. It has been loved for generations as the oldest active restaurant in Manhattan. For the locals, it was a normal place for my grandma to date when she was young and for me to date. There seems to be a famous ghost story in this building. However, the building was damaged by the hurricane Sandy that struck in 2012, and it is currently closed indefinitely. I’m lonely. It is possible to go to see the building alone.

Angel Orensanz Center 

Located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan is a Jewish meeting place built-in 1849. It is the oldest building of its kind, called the synagogue, in Manhattan, and at the same time registered as the fourth oldest building in the United States. It features a wall painted in bright red and its artistic shape.

Today, it is used as a base for supporting artistic activities and hosting art exhibitions.

Edward Mooney House 

Built between 1785 and 1789, the building is still modest and quiet. In the long history, it has been used for various purposes as an apartment house, a hotel, or just a hut. It is now privately owned and does not have a homepage, but it is known to locals as a historic old building.

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