The government of Kenya has started a new digital health pass “TT electronic verification” system starting 11 January 2021. The TT electronic verification system is a negative COVID-19 certificate in accordance with the trusted Traveller (TT) Initiative and the PanaBios system

The new requirement is also applied to the negative COVID-19 certificates which were issued for travelers who are entering Kenya. The Embassy is seeking clarification of this new requirement for incoming travelers and will report any additional information to the U.S. citizen community.

Any travelers, intend to depart Kenya also obtain the negative Covid-19 PCR test report through the TT system. The TT Code received from the authorized laboratories will be verified by the airlines and the immigration authorities at the time of check in to the airport.

As per the TT system, the traveler will receive a text message (SMS) from PanaBios as well as an email from the testing laboratory or PanoBios with a link to guide the traveler on how to generate a Travel Code at  If the test results meet Kenya’s exit requirements, a Travel Code is issued to the traveler online. 

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