When traveling abroad, where troubles are likely to occur, it is very important to prepare well in advance. Here, we will pick up and introduce information that you should check in advance, such as useful tips that you should know before traveling abroad and things that are convenient to bring with you

Download the offline map app

Maps of the countries and regions you visit are essential overseas, where you are not accustomed to walking. However, guidebook maps are often simplified and confusing, and the information is likely to be out of date, so it’s not very user-friendly.

It is recommended to download a map application such as “Google Map” or “Maps Me” ◎ It will display the latest information such as restaurants and hotels nearby, and if you set it, you can check the map even offline Very convenient because you can do it! In particular, Maps Me can download maps for each country, so you can delete only the map of the country where the trip has ended

Take out overseas travel insurance before departure

When traveling abroad, it is important to remember to take out “overseas travel insurance”. The chances of getting injured, sick, or stolen while traveling are not zero. Overseas, where insurance is not available, it can cost you 10,000 units of medical expenses just to see a doctor at a hospital!

By the way, please note that overseas travel insurance cannot be applied for overseas. Prior to starting to travel, the sky is the procedure at the port of “overseas travel insurance counter” Try to. In addition, the upper limit of insurance premiums and compensation amount differs depending on the insurance company, so it is recommended to compare the rates before traveling.

Prepare rental Wi-Fi for overseas

There are times when you want to use the Internet overseas, such as collecting information on tourist spots and contacting LINE. It’s a good idea to enter a cafe with free Wi-Fi, but it’s not realistic to enter the store every time you use the Internet, so if you have any plans to use the Internet overseas, use a Wi-Fi router. We recommend renting one and bringing it with you

However, if you are traveling to many countries, you will need to apply to all the countries you visit so that you can use rental Wi-Fi anywhere. If you connect to the Internet in a country where you have not applied, you may be charged a high communication fee later. Depending on the rental company, there is also a “world tour plan” that allows you to use Wi-Fi in multiple countries, so please check the price plan carefully

Bring multiple credit cards

I’m pretty worried about how much money I’ll bring to travel abroad. Some people bring a lot of money in the hope that they will run out of money, but carrying a wallet with a large number of banknotes is not a good idea as it can be a target for pickpockets. Keep cash to a minimum and use a credit card for shopping. However, depending on the type of card, there may be few stores that can be used. Have at least two cards from another company.

Recommended credit cards are VISA and American Express. There are many affiliated stores around the world, and there is not much worry that the card cannot be used at some stores. It is safe to use a credit card with overseas travel insurance in case of trouble!

Have cash for the tip

It is unfamiliar in Japan, but overseas, there is a culture of tipping at hotels and restaurants. Prepare the local currency for the chip in advance so that you can hand it over when you receive the service. Although it varies slightly depending on the country or region, the tip price to be paid is determined to some extent depending on the type of industry and the content of the service. It can be troublesome whether the amount is large or small, and it can be rude to give small change.

To avoid unnecessary troubles, we recommend that you check the tip price to some extent and take measures such as preparing small bills so that you can hand them over immediately.

Prepare both cloud storage and paper media for necessary documents

Various documents such as passports and visas are required for overseas travel. Some documents can be reissued, but in case you lose them, save the necessary documents not only on paper but also on the cloud (online).

In particular, I would like to save the following documents and information on the cloud.

  1. passport
  2. Air ticket (e-ticket)
  3. Identification card such as a driver's license (* Required when reissuing a passport)
  4. Overseas travel insurance certificate
  5. Credit card information (* Required if lost)
  6. Hotel reservation confirmation

In addition, it is also recommended to take a picture of tourist spot information in the guidebook, convert it to PDF and upload it to the cloud such as Evernote

Make a list of emergency contacts

in case of trouble. It is recommended that you write your contact information on both the phone book of your smartphone and the paper media such as your notebook, in case your luggage is stolen or the battery of your smartphone runs out.

  1. Contact information of the Embassy
  2. Family and friends contacts sea
  3. Travel Insurance Contact Credits
  4. Credit card company contact information
  5. Hotel contact information


Overseas, which is different from Japan, there is no loss in preparing various things. Please make sure to prepare with reference to the above information so that you can enjoy your trip abroad. Don’t forget to write down your contact information just in case!

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