United Airlines customers in several hub cities can now have Covid-19 test results delivered directly into the Travel-Ready Center feature of the airline’s app.

The functionality means flyers will no longer have to upload the testing data themselves. Instead, they can choose from more than 200 testing providers in the network of TrustAssure labs in Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and the New York/Newark area. Once test results are in, United will validate the information and inform customers whether they are cleared to fly and able to receive their mobile boarding pass.

United enabled the Travel-Ready Center app feature in January and says that it has verified more than 275,000 Covid-19 test results since that time. Many airlines are encouraging flyers to make use of health pass functions like the Travel-Ready Center in order to ease the processing and speed the airport journey.

United said it plans to expand its new direct test-result upload capability to more markets in the coming weeks and months, including international testing sights for customers flying into the U.S.