UK: Only eight countries would make a green list for safe travel, according to industry modeling.

British holidaymaker’s favorite European destinations, including Spain, France, and Greece are unlikely to be included due to their high Covid rates, according to the research by Robert Boyle, former strategy chief of BA and its owner IAG due to their high Covid rates.

Spain is the most-visited country by UK travelers with some 18.1 million taking trips there in 2019, followed by France 10.3 million). Meanwhile, both Spain and Greece have committed to welcoming back UK holidaymakers this summer with Greece opening its borders to vaccinated travelers from the UK next week.

The report does point out, however, that last year “the Spanish and Greek islands were given a lower-risk rating than the mainland and that could happen again this year,” said the report, which is circulating within industry circles.” Here’s how infection rates are looking in Spain and France.