Despite being in the highest in the daily number of COVID-19 cases, India is reopening the tourism spots. The Taj Mahal, an iconic heritage site famous as a symbol of love is set to reopen to visitors after a six-month closure.

India has been recorded a total of 5,650,540 cases with the death cases recorded of 90,077. Approximate daily infected cases are recorded to be more than 80000 per day for the past few weeks.

The Government of India had been operating reputation flights from different countries to bring back their citizens instead the cases were rising every day. Since the last month of government has eased the restrictions on many activities including public transportations, domestic and international flights, markets, restaurants, and many other touristic places.

The tickets can only be bought online once the door for the Taj Mahal opens for tourist.

The officials of Taj Mahal Management that the strict physical distancing rules will be imposed and with restricting to daily visitor numbers to 5000 which is 3/4 of the daily visitor rates. For proper social distancing, markets are being placed with distance, and wearing the mask is mandatory during the entire visit. The thermal screening will be placed for the screening of every visitor at the entrance.