Dutch island life and top cuisine is a great fit!

It’s tough to beat a day at the beach, which then ends in a cozy restaurant, where you get treated to a five or six course menu.

And when you head to Texel in the Netherlands, this is just what you get to experience. I recently visited Texel and was surprised by its incredible cuisine and how the chefs on the island mix the local products to serve the most delicious meals.

I recommend a few Texel restaurants that I was lucky enough to eat at in our article “Best Things to Do on Texel, Netherlands“.

I had the pleasure of trying many different courses and each one was its own highlight. One specific highlight for me however, was the bacon cake (Spekkoek)!

And, lucky for me (and you!), the chef from the Drank & Spijslokaal Het Schoutenhuys shared the bacon cake recipe which he serves in his restaurant. I tasted his version and it was so good!

So, here’s your opportunity to get your Texel experience at home with this bacon cake recipe:

[mv_create key=”1″ type=”recipe” title=”Bacon Cake, Texel Style” thumbnail=”https://www.traveldudes.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Schoutenhuys-desert-bacon-cake-Texel-Netherlands-scaled.jpeg”]

There are far more delicious local Texel meals. It’s hard to pick out just one and there’s actually no need to do so, as the VVV Texel has a whole list of local Texel recipes here.