MGM Resorts International announced that it would require masks for all guests and visitors inside public spaces at every MGM Resorts property in the United States.

Officials from MGM Resorts revealed Wednesday it had previously required all employees to wear masks, while visitor requirements were based on local regulations. The decision to make the policy universal was based on a recent surge in coronavirus cases across the country.

“As part of our work to continually update and evolve our health and safety policies, we are now requiring masks for all guests and visitors inside public spaces,” an MGM Resorts spokesperson said in a statement. “This will apply to all MGM Resorts properties across the United States and will become effective by Friday.”

“If a guest needs a mask, we will provide one,” the statement continued. “We hope that our guests will do their part to help the collective efforts to curtail the spread of the virus. Guests who do not wish to comply will be asked to leave the property.”

To help travelers and employees feel comfortable visiting MGM Resorts properties, the company implemented a new “Seven-Point Safety Plan,” which lays out comprehensive health and safety guidelines developed with top medical experts.

Some of the initiatives in place as part of the safety plan include temperature checks, coronavirus-specific training, guest health screenings upon entry, social distancing protocols, standalone handwashing stations, enhanced routine cleaning, and more touchless options.

Besides, MGM Resorts has compiled its internal team and processes to respond if a visitor or employee tests positive. The company is asking people who test positive after their visit to alert them through a special email address (