As per the latest development, those intending to go on Haj this year will need to be vaccinated. As per the latest news reports, the Haj Committee has said that no one shall be allowed to go for the annual Haj pilgrimage unless they have taken the two doses of the COVID vaccine.

Referring to this, HCI CEO Maqsood Ahmed Khan announced this following the latest directives from the Indian consulate-general in Jeddah and Saudi Arabian Health Ministry.

Last year also Saudi Arabia canceled the entry of outsiders to perform the Hajj. Revealing more about this most important pilgrimage in a Muslim’s life, and this year to be observed on July 17, Khan said, “In case Indian pilgrims perform Haj-2021, outgoing flights will start from mid-June.”

As such, he advised those who have already applied for the Haj 2021, to take the first dose of the COVID vaccine on their own, so that they can be administered the second dose before departure.

He, however, added that as of now, there is no official communication regarding the status of Hajj pilgrimage yet from the Saudi Arabian authorities and that the entire process would be subject to their approval.

Last year also, the Haj pilgrimage remained out of bounds for those from India, as it was the time during the surging peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in late July; whereas this year, the country again witnessing a second and much deadlier Covid wave.