Russian flag carrier Aeroflot Chairwomen has announced that the airline has started to sell tickets for the passengers and cargo flights from “several” countries to Moscow.

However it has not been specified the list of the countries flying from.

Earlier it was reported that Russia is canceling export flights, and Russian citizens will be able to return home by taking Aeroflot flights. According to the reports, this applies to Frankfurt, Vienna, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Milan, New York, and Los Angeles.

On reaching an agreement with the operational headquarters of the government, Aeroflot opened the sale of air tickets for its own passenger and cargo flights to Moscow for citizens of the Russian Federation.” The spokeswoman said.

Further added to her statement, “Export flights will continue from the cities Russian airlines do not operate regular commercial flights too. These are some cities in South America, some cities in Africa and Asia, and some other destinations,”

Export flights to transport Russians abroad and foreigners in Russia back to their home countries were launched after Russia suspended international flights due to the COVID-19 pandemic