The Canadian Rocky Mountains border the province of Alberta in western Canada to the west and vast prairies and badlands to the east. Alberta is a fantastic destination, with over 4 million people concentrated in the cities of Calgary and Edmonton. 

Did you know that Alberta is known as the ‘prairie province’? Alberta earned this nickname because it has many landscapes, ranging from mountains to glacial lakes, boreal forests, foothills, prairies and badlands that contain over 245 rivers and 600 lakes. Making renting a cabin in Alberta ideal! 

There are even 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites within Alberta, Canada, which has more than 500 species of rare wildlife. You may even find Alberta’s ‘big seven’ wildlife, which are elk, moose, bighorn sheep, grizzly bear, bison, cougar and wolf. 

We’ll share our favourite cabins to rent in Alberta on your next trip to Canada.

10 Cozy Cabins to Rent in Alberta, Canada

1. Cabin rentals Alberta – Mount Engadine Lodge, Kananaskis Village 

Have you ever pictured beautiful snow cabins to rent in Alberta? We think you’ll love Mount Engadine Lodge in Kananaskis Village. Located in Spray Valley Provincial Park, Mount Engadine Lodge offers a cosy cabin experience, with lots of hiking trails and sweeping views from the cabin. 

Guests enjoy the tranquil mountain views, friendly staff, and delicious food delivered right to each room. Look no further if you need Alberta cabins to rent! Other facilities include ski access, pet-friendly rooms, an outdoor fireplace and garden area, and a library on the premises.

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Mount Engadine Lodge

2. Banff National Park Wood Lodge 

Perhaps you’re looking for a picturesque wooden cabin for your next visit to snowy Canada. We think you’ll love Banff National Park Wood Lodge in Canmore, around 14km from Banff.

This cosy holiday home features BBQ facilities, air conditioning and a hot tub. This quaint 2-bed house is clean and relaxing, with a built-in fireplace and incredible mountain views. This location features one of the cabins to rent in Alberta, located on the Bow River and surrounded by mountains on both north and south sides. 

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Banff Naitonal Park Wood Lodge
Banff Naitonal Park Wood Lodge

3. Budget cabin rentals Alberta: Mountaineer Lodge

We know that travelling can become pricey, so we’ve found a great budget option in the Mountaineer Lodge. This 2.5-star ski lodge offers a ski shuttle located on Lake Louise and complimentary continental breakfast for each guest.

Additional amenities include an indoor spa tub, ski storage, and a sauna. There are over 80 guest rooms to choose from to accommodate anyone from families to single travellers. What’s not to love about staying in one of the national park cabins to rent in Alberta, which is only one minute away from Icefields Parkway?  

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Mountaineer Lodge in Alberta, Canada
Mountaineer Lodge

4. Along River Ridge Bed & Breakfast

You may prefer homely cabins to rent in Alberta, away from the hustle and bustle of the National Parks. Look no further than Along River Ridge Bed & Breakfast in Northwest Calgary! Situated on the Bow River in Montgomery, this lovely cabin is a stone’s throw from Dale Hodges park.

Featuring a variety of Queen rooms, this is one the best family-friendly Alberta cabins to rent as it includes books, DVDs and music for children and streaming services, free wifi, board games and puzzles and a pool table. Some rooms even have wellness facilities such as a treadmill and outdoor hot tub. 

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Cabins to rent in Alberta, Canada
Along River Ridge B&B

5. Pocahontas Cabins – cabin rentals Alberta

Are you looking at cosy Alberta cabins to rent for a mountain getaway? Look no further than Pocahontas Cabins near the Athabasca River and Miette Hot Springs. 

This pet-friendly accommodation features a hot tub, pool and laundry facilities and is only a 6-minute drive from Jasper National Park’s East Gate. There are many different cabin sizes to discover. You can comfortably sleep up to 4 people and up to 3 pets per cabin. 

Choose from one of 57 available wood cabins for a rural getaway in the mountains of Pocahontas. 

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Alberta cabins to rent
Pocahontas Cabins

6. Log cabin on the James River in Alberta

Perhaps you are looking for a few relaxing one-bedroom cabins to rent in Alberta for a solo trip or romantic getaway. This fantastic log cabin on the James River will give you a real glimpse into the Canadian wilderness and offers a truly rustic experience. 

This log cabin would be an excellent choice for an adventure-loving couple or individual! There is an outdoor firepit available for guests to use, and firewood is available on the property. The cabin also includes easy access to the nearby James River and surrounding paths.

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7. Burch Forest Private Log Cabin Rental – cabin rentals Alberta 

Close your eyes. Picture the first log cabin you saw as a child, overlooking a lake, with a million stars that shine at night. Now open your eyes. The image you created is probably very similar to what Burch Forest Private Log cabin.

Located an hour west of Edmonton in Drayton Valley, this fantastic cabin is nestled between a surreal forest that you might expect to appear in your dreams. It’s also possible to see the Aurora Borealis from this beautiful cabin that Curiocity Canada has featured.

This two-bedroom is one of the most picturesque cabins to rent in Alberta, featuring a wood-fired hot tub, wood stove, swimming pond, kayaking and trout fishing on the lake. In winter, you can expect ice skating, snowshoeing, and pond hockey. This place is one of the Alberta cabins to rent that you really shouldn’t skip! 

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Burch Forest Private Log Cabin Rental
Burch Forest Private Log Cabin Rental

8. The 1944 Robb Cabin

If you might have a thing for history, or at least accommodation steeped in history, then you’ll love The 1944 Robb cabin. 

This quaint home was built in 1944 and has since been modernised by the owner in recent years. It features restored original shiplap walls and ceilings, with plywood too. It now offers a dishwasher and solid stone countertops for a modern feel where it makes a difference.

We also think that this is one of the most cost-effective Alberta cabins to rent in the cosy town of Robb, Alberta. 1944 Robb Cabin is one of the most historic cabins to rent in Alberta. It features a bedroom that sleeps 4, a modernised bathroom, kitchen, and dining area and a pool and firepit on the property grounds.

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Log cabin in Alberta Canada
The 1994 Robb Cabin

9. Cabin rentals Alberta: Rocky Ridge Country Lodge

Perhaps you are looking for countryside cabins to rent in Alberta. We think you’ll love this grand wood lodge in Mountain View, Alberta. Complete with hot tub and bonfire facilities, homemade breakfasts and outdoor barbeque facilities, these quaint rooms are only a 15-minute drive away from Waterton Lakes National Park.

Rooms available range from a cottage to a king room so that you can pick the perfect space for your family size. You can expect to find rustic decor set in log-cabin rooms and cottages. There’s even a small playground for children, so we think this is one of the better family-friendly Alberta cabins to rent at the moment. 

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Rocky Ridge Country Lodge
Rocky Ridge Country Lodge

10. Nordegg Mountain View Chalet 

We know that Edmonton and Calgary are some of the more popular destinations in Alberta. You may decide to go somewhere slightly off the beaten path – like Nordegg, in-between Jasper and Banff National Parks. 

You won’t be disappointed with the cabins to rent in Alberta located right in the Rockies, such as Nordegg Mountain View Chalet. You can expect a picturesque log cabin set within the snowy mountains, with nearby waterfalls, hiking trails, indoor and outdoor fireplaces and three bedrooms that comfortably sleep six people. There’s also a heater inside for the colder months. 

What could be better than living in a log cabin set between forest and mountain? Featuring sweeping views of the forest and mountaintops, we think you’ll love this cosy cabin complete with rustic decor. 

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Cabin rentals Alberta

Whether you’re looking for cabins to rent in Alberta for yourself or a large family, there are so many unique options to discover. While Edmonton and Calgary are mainstays, there are lots of small towns scattered throughout the province to explore. 

Whether you want a rustic getaway set in a log cabin or a more hotel-style experience, there are Alberta cabins to rent that you will love.

Remember to consider the fantastic cabins of Alberta when deciding on your next adventure to Canada. Don’t forget about the surreal forest and mountain views that the Rockies have to offer! 

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