On August 8, Windsor Castle’s East Terrace Gardens, the palace for Queen Elizabeth is opened to visitors nearly after 40 years. The gorgeous garden is a crucial part of the grand Windsor Castle, which is one of the Queen’s official residences. Visitors can pre-book their trip and take a walk amid the beautiful lavish greenish gardens where Queen Elizabeth wanders every day.

The Windsor Castle is the royal residence in Berkshire of the current Queen Her Highness Elizabeth along with her husband, Prince Philip. The historical royal garden had begun the construction of 1824 and was completed in 1826 by King George IV. The lavish garden was an architect by Sir Jeffry Wyatville

Moat Garden in Windsor Castle’s, beneath the iconic Round Tower, is also opened for visitors and young children to join family activities on Thursdays and Fridays in August.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philips have currently moved to their Balmoral Castle. Hence Queen has decided to open up her royal garden. The Royal Garden is open every weekend for August and September.

The lavish gardens are covered with different 3500 roses bushes. The wonderful fountain in the center of the garden has given extra charming attraction to the garden. Visitors can get the amazing east side view of the Windsor castle while visiting the garden. The garden also feature 34 orange trees, which were sent by French King Charles X to King George IV.

The statues installed here were brought from the Privy Gardens at Hampton Court. The garden also features a set of four bronze figures, which were made by the famous French sculpture Hubert Le Sueur for Charles I in the 1630s. Later in 1971, Prince Philip redesigned the garden and rearranged several flowerbeds. He then personally designed a bronze lotus fountain as the centerpiece of the garden.

Visitors wishing to book the tour can book online.