NEW DELHI: Travel in Rajdhani trains with upgraded modern Tejas-type coaches will cost more. The Indian Railways had introduced a 5% hike in the base fare of the Delhi-Agartala Tejas-Rajdhani train which started operation in February.
Sources said all Rajdhani trains will gradually become Tejas-Rajdhani trains and the increased base fare will kick in besides flexi fare. In February, the national transporter had said 500 such Tejas-type sleeper coaches will be manufactured at Integral Coach Factory and Modern Coach Factory in 2021-22 which will gradually replace the premium long distance trains.
An official confirmed that the increase in base fare across all classes in these trains will be in effect only when the Tejas rakes are inducted. Currently, 25 pairs of Rajdhani trains are being operated across the country connecting New Delhi with different state capitals.
One of the justifications for increase in base fare is that passengers will get better facilities in Tejas-type coaches, including automatic plug doors. The train will not start until all doors are closed. These coaches will have bio-vacuum toilets and air suspension bogies will improve comfort and ride quality.
Some of the other features of these smart coaches include emergency talk back for medical or security reasons, seats and berths having PU foam that provide better comfort to passengers. There are also mobile charging points and berth reading lights for each passenger.