Are you thinking about visiting Cyprus with children?

I have lived in Cyprus for three years now and have seen its rapid development. Roads are being paved, restaurants are opening, children’s attractions are special and fun, and you can pamper yourself in particularly worthwhile hotels at affordable prices.

If you plan to travel a lot while here, I personally recommend renting a car directly from the airport. Car rental prices in Cyprus are not high, and it’s easier to get around that way, especially with children. Although the driving is done on the opposite side than in the UK, you get used to it quickly.

Here are some cool ideas for things you can do with the kids when you come to Cyprus as well as some recommendations from a “local” who lives in Cyprus with children.

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Here is an overview of things to do with children in Cyprus:

Cruise with Mermaids in Protaras

Protaras is a quiet and charming resort town half an hour’s drive from the Larnaca Airport. It has beautiful beaches, a small amusement park, an avenue of bars and restaurants, and a stunning promenade. We go there every summer, and last summer, I took my daughter Maya, who was three and a half years old at the time, to the attraction of sailing with mermaids.

The cruise leaves every Saturday at 2 o’clock in the summer and lasts about two-and-a-half hours. The entire activity is in English, but even children who do not speak the language will enjoy the experience.

The cruise begins with an interactive story time with different tasks for the children (in the characters of Tinkerbell and Captain Hook) intending to find the mermaids’ necklaces when you reach the Blue Lagoon (about half an hour into the cruise); you meet the mermaids.

When stopping to meet the mermaids, you can get into the water to swim with them, and you can talk and take pictures with them on board. On the way back, there is also a mini disco.

Check out Greenland in Limassol

A half-hour drive from the center of Limassol toward the mountains will take you to a hidden place that is a complete experience for children and adults. Greenland is a huge complex of inflatables and trampolines with a stunning green view. There are picnic tables, several shady corners, and a fishpond.

You can also enjoy a small, simple café with a few snacks and a restaurant with Russian cuisine that serves very tasty food. It is recommended that you make a reservation at the restaurant in advance.

The complex also has a children’s train for an additional fee.

The place is open all year round and has the option of staying in glamping accommodation, as well as a swimming pool for those who stay in the complex. You can spend a whole day or half a day there having fun. You can only get there by car or taxi, as no public transportation exists.

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Greenland in Limassol - a family-friendly resort when visiting Cyprus in chilrden
Things to do in Cyprus with Children
Greenland in Limassol - a family-friendly resort when visiting Cyprus in chilrden
Things to do in Cyprus with Children

Visit One of the Water Parks

If you’re a water park lover, then you will be happy to find out that in Cyprus, there are a few great water parks, so no matter where you choose to stay, you can find a water park within half an hour’s drive at most. The parks are in Limassol, Paphos and Ayia Napa. All the water parks are suitable for both little ones and big kids. They have a variety of slides, a tube course, a wave pool, an area for small children, restaurants, and lots of sunbeds.

At the height of the season, there can be a bit of a queue at the entrance, but it’s never too crowded, and the queue for the slides is just a few minutes of waiting. It is best to come in the middle of the week because there is no rush.

Some of the water parks offer discounted entry prices with advance purchase, so it’s worth checking the prices now if you plan to come this summer.

Check out some of these water parks in Cyprus (click to book your tickets in advance):

Waterparks in Cyprus
Things to do in Cyprus with Children

Stay in an All-Inclusive Hotel in Cyprus with Children

Whoever says you can’t relax with children on vacation, probably hasn’t been to an all-inclusive hotel. 🙂 Since we became parents, we’ve discovered that all-inclusive hotels are our preferred option for a family vacation. In Cyprus, you can find many all-inclusive hotels of a very high standard and at good prices, especially in winter and at the beginning of the season (April-May).

Most of them have a children’s club, an indoor pool, outdoor pools, children’s activities with entertainment teams, a mini disco, and, of course, nonstop food.

We really like the Louis hotel chain. It has different 4-5-star all-inclusive hotels, including Louis Phaethon Beach, that always have lovely entertainment teams and a mini disco in the evenings.

Another hotel we really like is the Olympic Lagoon. It has hotels in both Paphos and Ayia Napa. This 5-star hotel offers really high-quality food, a club for babies, children, and youth, shows for children and adults, and amazing service.

All inclusive hotel in Cyprus
Things to do in Cyprus with Children

Explore the Cafés with Games and Playgrounds

In Cyprus, you can find many cafés and restaurants, as well as playgrounds.

In the Clock Café chain, some branches also have a small children’s room that usually has crafts and games. Fast food chains such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Pizza Hut, and more often also have playgrounds.

In the city of Limassol, for example, there are beaches with restaurants and playgrounds, such as Desodi Beach or Petit Plage.

And recently a café with desserts of a really high standard and a small playroom with wall games of balls for children, drawing equipment and television called Toy Confectionery opened in the city.

Check out these spots for breakfasts and brunches in Limassol.

Cafes for children in Cyprus
Things to do in Cyprus with Children
Cafes for children in Cyprus
Things to do in Cyprus with Children

If you plan to come in winter, then you might be surprised to hear that in Cyprus, it also snows (usually in February), and you can go skiing and sledding at a low cost. The ski resort is on Mount Olympus, at about an hour’s drive from Limassol. The advantage of Cyprus is that it is small, and you can get anywhere in a maximum of two-and-a-half hours of driving from one end to the other. So, no matter where you decide to stay, you will be able to reach the snowy mountains and different cities and magical villages along the way.

In conclusion, Cyprus is a fun destination all year round. Still, in the summer, you will probably have the most options for attractions with children, such as sailing, jeep tours, water sports, rope parks, nature reserves for hiking, all-inclusive hotels, beautiful beaches, amusement parks, and water parks.

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