The government of Canary Islands with a partnership with Axa insurance is providing all the Spanish and foreign tourists with free insurance coverage for any coronavirus-related costs. The insurance policies will be covering all the health-related costs, accomodation extention cost, along with all costs that needed the travelers in getting back their country.

Any pre-existing health conditions or any cases of COVID-19 diagnosed while arriving in the islands are not covered under the insurance.

“It will help the economic recovery of the archipelago,” Yaiza Castilla, the regional official in charge of tourism, said in a video published on Twitter.

Spanish Canary Island has the total cases of 2600 COVID-19 cases with the death toll to 162. The fluctuating cases of Covid-19 cases in Spain have slow down the arrival of tourists on the Island. That leads to the impacted on the touristic business in the Island

However, to overcome with the COVID 19, the Island have put the measures of social distancing and required to put face Masks for anyone over six years of age. Beside the restaurant and bars are operating with limited capacities. The Canary Islands are opened for travelers from the Schengen area without quarantine.