Casinos are popular entertainment hubs for people around the world. Whether you want to win big, socialise or casually pass the time, casinos can be your best friends!

Despite online casinos marking their strong presence in the market, the fascination for a physical casino has not died down. The allure about setting foot in a place buzzing with different games and people is hard to dismiss.

This boundless love for physical casinos has been driving the idea of casino tourism very famous in recent days. After all, visiting the best casinos is a mission the true gambling fans will not want to miss out on.

So, let’s quickly jump-start into the world of casinos right away.

What Is Casino Tourism?

Say you have bookmarked Vegas activity, Macau or any other casino city in your bucket list of must-visits. There is no doubt about it – you are an ardent casino tourist.

Casino tourism is a big thing for lovers of gambling and travel. Those who love betting and wish to explore new casino resorts choose to travel as their means to find the best casinos.

Travelling across different countries to gamble and enjoy one’s holidays is the primary goal of gambling tourism. While winning the jackpot is the central pull of these travels, it is not the only exciting part of these trips.

The best casinos worldwide extend a warm welcome to players and non-players. So, you can expect excellent restaurants, shopping centres and spas waiting for you during your gambling tourism.

Top Countries to Visit as a Casino Tourist

Now that you have decided to live your casino dream, you would want to know the best countries for casinos.

Here is a list of countries that guarantee all-around entertainment for you – the casino tourist – and your family.

The United States

You don’t have to second guess yourself about this. The USA is one of the best tourist destinations for all casino lovers. Be it Las Vegas, Atlantic City or Reno — there is an endless list of choices the USA offers for the gambler in you.

Once you enter a glamorous casino, you can find yourself surrounded by slot machines, blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. While these games are designed to thrill the gamers, the bright lights and music will fascinate anyone.

This country is also famous for having the best pool party scenes for tourists. So, if you happen to visit the US for casinos, do not forget to check out the outdoor fun spots.

New Zealand

If you are searching for an exciting country that is fair and square about its casino policies, then look no further. New Zealand casinos are your right choice.

From trying your luck at rolling the dice to sipping on wine and mastering your gambling game, NZ is a perfect casino destination. Choose between Auckland, Dunedin, Hamilton and other famous casino cities to find your true love for pokies.

The best thing about NZ casinos is that they have ‘Learn to Play’ packages for beginners. So, if you are new to the games and want to learn from the best, you can always pay a visit to Auckland skycity casino and have a great time.


While mainland China is not very supportive of gambling, the country’s special administrative region – Macau, is an exception. Fondly known as the ‘Vegas of Asia’, Macau is one of the famous locations for casino tourists.

With bright lights and fancy games, Macau will mesmerise you with the sheer opportunity to make it big through gambling. Is it the gaming table, slot machine or something new you want to try? Macau has it all!

The Bahamas

Beaches and casinos come together in The Bahamas. A true casino lover will always be on the lookout for where to play at casinos. If this is you, this island’s casino complexes with free plays and slots will charm you.

While you are at it, you can also walk through the great shopping centres and enjoy the sparkling beauty of the sea.


You have probably already planned a trip to Monaco for a classy casino experience. But if you haven’t, you are missing out on meeting up with the rich and famous gamblers in the world.

Monaco offers both high-stakes games and one cent bets. So, you don’t have to shy away from these majestic casino resorts. For craps and international card games, Monaco is undoubtedly your go-to casino location.

The United Kingdom

If you venture into the United Kingdom for gambling tourism, you will be surprised to find many casino cities. While London is the primary top-class casino city, Glasgow, Bournemouth and Cardiff are pretty famous.

You can play blackjack and roulette in the poshest casinos while also trying out mobile casinos in the UK. Believe it or not, there is a wide variety of fortune games waiting to be discovered by you in this country.

Online Casinos – A Better Alternative?

As much fun as gambling tourism is, an all-year roundabout trip is not very appealing. Here comes the role of online casinos.

You can play your game from the comfort of your home through your mobile phone. Thus, you can effectively wave goodbye to exorbitant travelling fees that have you worried about casinos.

Plus, you don’t have to stress about wintertime and climate changes when you play through the online mode. So, you can concentrate fully on the game and put your best foot forward without losing focus.

Unlike local casinos, the online ones also keep you engaged with a wide variety of games. If you feel the slightest bit bored, you can quickly switch between games and move on. So, if you think you are not in the right spirit to travel, online casinos are here for you!

Wrapping Up

Casino tourism is a beautiful holiday idea for all wanderlusts who love the business of betting. You can visit famous casinos, play your game, and enjoy walking through other renowned tourist attractions around the world.

When it comes to finding the best country to visit, look at gaming options, available packages and other fun places to hang out.

There is no looking back once you have figured out which country you want to drop by for your gambling tourism. Pack your bags and get started travelling through the best casinos across the world!