Ever thought about visiting historical casinos while on holiday?

If you’d like your travels to be a combination of beautiful experiences, historical marks, and a lot of fun, this might be the perfect fit for you. Even though casinos are associated with gambling and fun, there are also historical and cultural experiences to experience at them.

When planning a trip, many people look for the biggest, most popular destinations. But have you ever thought about traveling to one of the great historic casinos around the world?

Why should you visit casinos while traveling?

In recent years, the commercial gaming revenue has set new records, including gambling. Therefore a visit to the casino might be on a lot of people’s bucket lists.

Visiting different casinos around the world is always a lot of fun. While some are more notorious than others, you shouldn’t skip past the lesser-known ones.

For beginner gamblers, don’t worry, there are many opportunities to practice your skills before setting foot in a real casino. Start practing on one of the many online casinos – just remember that you will need to be located in one of the states where gambling is legal. For example, you can search for casinos in Pennsylvania, as of 2019, this state has permitted gambling along with 17 other states. As long as you make sure that you are on the right side of the law, you can start preparing for your historical casino trip.

Top cultural and historical casinos around the world

There are several great casinos to visit around the world, some are enormous and flashing, while others are elegant and historic. And you will most definitely find some cultural history visiting some of these casinos. 

Baden-Baden Kurhaus, Germany

This is one of the oldest casinos, established around 1820 and has been working as a casino ever since. It has an atmosphere of high class and intellectual spirit as many famous guests have visited this spectacular casino, amongst them are the composers Johannes Brahms and Clara Schumann.

As well as being a casino, this establishment hosts a spa section that is just as extraordinary and extremely beautiful. Located in this beautiful city with a lot of other great attractions and things to do, you will not regret visiting this spot.

Historical casino – Baden-Baden Kurhaus, Germany

Monte-Carlo Casino, Monaco

This casino has received a revival through its appearance in two Bond movies and for good reason. This is yet another beautiful historic casino worthy of a visit.

As with Baden-Baden Kurhaus, it’s one of the older ones, as the casino was opened to guests for the very first time in 1858. Since then, it has been working as an exclusive and extraordinary casino attracting some of the most wealthy casino travelers and visitors around the world.

So, when you visit here you will need to spend a bit to get to play. And you should remember to dress up nicely. 

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Historical casino - Monte-Carlo Casino, Monaco
Historical casino – Monte-Carlo Casino, Monaco

Casino di Venezia, Italy

This is the oldest casino in the entire world and just for this reason it’s worth a visit. However, there are plenty of other reasons too.

Firstly, it’s located by the waterfront on the Grand Canal in Venice, and you enter the casino by gondola. After this classy and exciting entry, you’ll be met by a beautiful interior that is well-preserved, transforming you back to earlier times.

If not for the casino, you should visit Venice no matter what. There are tons of incredible things to do in Venice and the city in itself is indeed worth a visit. 

Casino di Venezia, Italy
Casino di Venezia, Italy