The Centres for Disease Prevention and Control yesterday stated that those inoculated with both doses (“fully vaccinated”) can resume traveling since they are at relatively low risk of contracting the virus or getting infected themselves. The decision is also a significant step in the direction of instilling greater faith in vaccination against COVID-19.

Even as states in India continue to grapple with elaborate COVID-19 SOPs and protocols as regards domestic travel, this step and the extent of its success will help establish uniformity and clarity in other countries as well. Currently, in India, states have differing travel restrictions depending on wave intensity and current caseload. Authorities are also increasingly mulling lockdown and night curfews to keep the outbreak in check.

According to the same tweet, such individuals can also meet indoors without needing to wear masks (however, masks are a must on public transport). Those who intend to travel within the country don’t need to get tested unless the local authorities stipulate it.

International travelers to the US, including returning citizens, must furnish a COVID-19 test report or recovery proof before flying to the country, regardless of their status of vaccination.

Check out the CDC website for in-depth guidelines and protocols and advice for unvaccinated people (