Danish operator DSB has decided to increase the capacity of Talgo trains for international travel by more than 10%.

DSB will increase the number of carriages and the capacity of eight Talgo Intercity trains from 442 seats to 492 seats, which were ordered in February 2020.

The contract involved the supply of eight full standard coach formations, along with spare parts, during 16 full years.

After placing the order for Talgo trains, DSB kept an option to place further orders for additional units, either for complete configurations or individual carriages.

The latest decision was taken after seeing an increase in ticket sales for international transport mainly to Hamburg from 2019 to the outbreak of pandemic caused by Covid-19.

Talgo said in a statement: “Denmark’s promotion of rail largely drove this increase as an environmentally friendly alternative to, for example, air travel, which is why DSB will continue to support the sustainable use of rail as a method of transport, using the Spanish manufacturer’s trains.”

DSB selected the Talgo 230 conventional intercity platform for its new train fleet to reduce the carbon footprint of its transport system.

To be manufactured for DSB, the Talgo trains are light vehicles and will have a maximum commercial speed of 200km/h.

They are said to be wider than those of the competition to provide additional interior space for passengers and offer complete accessibility throughout the train.