The Republic of Colombia, in the north of South America, is gradually opening its border for international flight from the 21st of September. Due to the increasing number of cases, the government had closed the international border in march 2020

Minister of Transport Angela Maria Orozco said in his statement that the government is taking precaution measures and drawing up security protocols, that include the mandatory requirement of the Covid-19 Negative test report.

“The resumption of international flights will depend on destination countries, airport capacity, and the interest of the airlines.” Minister Orozco said in a statement. Further added “International flights will restart with a gradual first phase which will be announced shortly,”

Some of the domestic flights have restarted to a limited extent. However, the land and sea borders will still remain closed until 1st October.

It is unlikely that international flights will increase the transmission of coronavirus in Colombia, given the current state of the pandemic in the country, the Health Ministry has said previously.

Colombia currently is in the 6th highest countries with a hot spot of coronavirus with recorded total cases of 728,590 with death of 23288 cases until today date.